Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Style goals

Last year I set style goals for the first time and I felt that it really helped me focus. I would look at it throughout the year and keep in mind where my style is going, which is sometimes the hardest part for me. 

This year, I would like to:
  1. Save up for bigger purchases that matter. Fill Holes and take care of needs, before buying bargain items that are not on the list. Also save money for big annual sales, like Black Friday, so I can take advantage of 50% off at Talbots, for example.
  2. Master grooming.  Since I started focusing on style, the word Polish has come up repeatedly.  I think I'm finally ready to actually tackle Polish. 
  3. Look good at home too.  I'm worth it and my husband is worth it. I will fill in home/loungewear capsules with nice pieces and, brace yourself, comb my hair even though I'm not going out. Gulp.
  4. Think about wardrobe additions for the purpose of maximization of function and cohesiveness. This sounds really good, and I wrote this list a month ago, so I don't remember what it means. Haha! I got it from Into Mind, I remember that much. I think it has to do with covering all scenarios in your life with appropriate outfits, and also still have your entire wardrobe look like it belongs to the same person. Sounds very desirable. But maybe harder to achieve than the first 3.
Knowing me, I will write more about my goals in future posts. At length. Repeatedly.
Well, you've been warned.

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