Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Goal 1. Quality over quantity

Diane Von Furstenberg Daga Silk Chiffon Top

I just saw this diane von furstenburg silk chiffon pleated top for $155. It occurred to me that with the amount of money I spent last year (which I think is small compared to most people), I could have bought 4 such items.
Or one and 4 more in the $100 range. 
That's really something to think about. I should make it my goal to save up for at least one such purchase.  Which is in keeping with my first 2014 goal of saving up for bigger purchases.

I'm thinking my shopping plan could look something like this:

5 key purchases of 2014-$80 each=$400, $40 each=$200
  1. bra, cotton. esp with cotton straps as well. dark or nude
  2. tan/taupe shoes
  3. true summer everyday blouse/sweater, drapey. esp lt blue/teal/gold?
  4. dress
  5. pants/topper/earrings?-wait and see which I need
By the way, I did do a small 'shopping fast' for the month of January to kick off my savings goal. It was hard at first, but after a couple of weeks I was in the groove of just deleting all those coupon emails.  I did, however, use my budget to buy a gift. (Which to me is totally acceptable and a fantastic use of my money.) I saved about 30% for my future purchases.

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